The Primitive Church and the See of Peter

by the Rev. Luke Rivington (1894)

The Primitive Church and the See of Peter by Luke Rivington (1894)

Who was Luke Rivington? (1838 - 1899)

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Contents (HTML)

Introduction and Preface

Period I -- A.D. 96-300

Chapter 1: The Epistle of St. Clement; or the Type Set
Chapter 2: The Clementine Romance
Chapter 3: St. Irenaeus, or the Sovereignty of the Church of Rome
Chapter 4: St. Victor, or the Guardian of the Common Unity
Chapter 5: The Doctrine of St. Cyprian on Unity
Chapter 6: St. Cyprian on Appeals to Rome
Chapter 7: St. Cyprian's Error on Baptism By Heretics
Chapter 8: Rome's Decision and Cyprian's Irritation
Chapter 9: Rome, Alexandria, and Antioch, Sees of Peter

Period II -- A.D. 300-384

Chapter 10: The Donatists and the Council of Arles
Chapter 11: The Council of Nicaea
Chapter 12: The Popes, the Guardians of the Nicene Canons
Chapter 13: The Reign of Liberius
Chapter 14: St. Damasus
Chapter 15: The Homage of Kings, or Gratian's Rescript
Chapter 16: The Council of Constantinople (A.D. 381)

Period III -- A.D. 400-452

Chapter 17: The Church of North Africa in the Days of St. Augustine
Chapter 18: The Council of Ephesus -- Preliminaries
Chapter 19: The Acts of the Council
Chapter 20: The See of Peter "Confirming the Brethren"
Chapter 21: The Fourth General Council -- Preliminaries
Chapter 22: The Latrocinium, or Robber Council
Chapter 23: The Deposition of Dioscorus
Chapter 24: The Definition of Faith
Chapter 25: Theodoret and Maximus
Chapter 26: The Byzantine Plot, or the 28th Canon
Chapter 27: The Easterns' Recognition of Papal Supremacy

Conclusion and Appendices

1. Rev. F. W. Puller's Interpretation of St. Cyprian
2. Are the Sardican Canons Nicene?
3. Rev. F. W. Puller on St. Ambrose
4. The Apostolic See, the Meaning of the Phrase

The Primitive Church and the See of Peter by Luke Rivington (1894) cover page and Nihil Obstat




Jesus Christ giving the keys of the kingdom to the apostle Peter (Matthew 16:18-19)

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