Trinity vs. Oneness Debate

This debate is on the nature of God. A affirms the Holy Trinity (defined as One God in Three Divine Persons), and David affirms the Oneness doctrine (defined as One God and numerically only One Divine Person). The Scriptures and/or the Fathers and/or other sources are allowed to be used. All words are counted, including quotations.

Representing the Trinity doctrine -- A
Representing the Oneness doctrine -- David

Opening Statement
7000 words David
Opening Statement
First Rebuttal 5000 words First Rebuttal
Second Rebuttal 5000 words Second Rebuttal
Cross Examination:

5 questions

Cross Examination:
Answers   Answers
 Rebuttals   Rebuttals
Replies   Replies
Closing Statement 5000 words Closing Statement


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