Inspiration and Infallibility


What happened at Pentecost? The Church is God-breathed from the beginning, not just the Scriptures, and the effects of this God-breathing in the Church are far greater than the effect in Scripture which is inanimate. The Holy Spirit descends on the gathering and makes it into a new supernatural creation, the Body of Christ, which is a living Temple, God dwelling within His People as an organism, a new humanity living by the Life that is in the Head, i.e., the Divine Life of the Holy Spirit and His communion between the Father and the Son; individuals are living stones of this Temple.

This Church, which before Pentecost was like the clay with which God formed Adam, is now breathed into by Christ with the Breath of the Holy Spirit, the way Adam was breathed into by God to make him a living being. The Church is not just a society of people that God is working in, but has been made into the Bride able to marry Christ. It is a supernatural creation descending from Heaven onto the gathered disciples ensouling them with divinity, the Divinity of the Trinitarian Indwelling.

If Scripture is the written words of God, the Church is God's living Body to whom, for and within whom His written words were communicated after His oral words were communicated; but more than this, if the Scriptures are God's word(s), the Sacraments are God's actions, God-breathed through and through, and the Eucharist His Eternal Wedding Feast already begun, where the nuptials are exchanged, where the Covenant is sealed with His now divinized Blood and Risen Flesh which becomes the food of the banquet.

This is not so much deduced from Scripture as intuited from it by juxtaposing all the meanings of the Church in the New Testament (and presaged in the Old) of presence; of images the New Testament uses to convey the Kingdom of God already begun. Infallibility of the Church would be a corollary that follows from this spiritual insight. More important is the awareness that despite being a vessel of clay, the Church holds within that clay of its wounded humanity not mere water but the Heavenly Wine of Divinity, the Libation of the Wedding Feast of the Lamb Who has transformed the mere water of the human spirit by Breathing the Breath of Divine Love, the Third Person from the Father into the vessels the wine of His life-blood, which is far better wine kept for the last.

Logic won't help us there, but intuition will; or rather logic is only going to work once the insight is attained. So I invite the reader to return to the scene of Pentecost and consider in depth with all the other images of the Church of the New Testament whether that event manifests the Church being God-breathed or not. This is the New Testament understanding of the Church.

by Padro

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