Whole and Fraction: Truth, Life and Love

Man searches for three basic things: truth, life, and love. We will find that these things are fractions from a whole. Without the whole, we will find that man will never have joy and peace. 

Truth is essential to all human beings. Some argue that there is no such thing as truth. They will say that it is a made up word. Then again, we see C.S. Lewis refute this claim in "Mere Christianity" and "The Abolition of Man". We know for example, that human beings are sacred. We know murder is wrong because by human reason, we know what God has instructed in our hearts. Some will say that man invented it, but who would argue from that point of view? To say man invented it is to say we really don't know why killing is wrong, and so, we see many will deny truth and conclude that it is an invention. A smart man would instead search for truth. Man is destined to discover truth. One would not forget a broken glass in his kitchen, but will find out who or what made this happen.

Children had the right idea of monotonously asking "why?" This would make us keep on thinking. The problem with searching truth is that there is error. One will find that along with his equations, he will find he multiplied the numbers incorrectly. As Fulton Sheen has said, "the more he studies, the less he knows. He finds new avenues of knowledge down which he might travel for a lifetime." The question is, "Why would man search for truth?" Atheists reject this idea because they cannot answer it. 

Now, to say it is an invention is absurd. There is no such thing as "new" things. As Fulton Sheen said, "It is just old things happening to new people." How many times would you hear an old person say, "O my goodness! In the old days, we never thought of such a thing as locking our doors or people driving around drunk!" They make it sound like people have never robbed or drank before. People might have done it more frequently, but it is not new. We will never find anything new. We just discover it. Man then needs Truth without error.

Another essential need is life. What corresponds to life is light or hope. An unbeliever, as Sartre said, has no exit, therefore, no hope. Who would argue that we should not have hope? Why would a scientist spend the whole year, day and night, trying to cure AIDS? Every scientist knows that there is such a thing as trial and error. They would not keep on doing it if there were no hope of doing it. However, we will find many scientists who don't believe in a Being that gives hope. One advice I give to atheists is to go to a third world country. After spending a day in that country, he would not conclude that there is no God because people suffer, but there is a God because he knows in his heart that there is hope somewhere. The limitation of life however, is death.

One question that atheists cannot answer is the reason for death. Actually, no scientist can answer a Socratic question since science has limitations, which is another problem with science. If I ask for a line, a scientist cannot give me one, but would rather give me a circle. Both have no beginning or an end. However, a line is not a circle, and a circle is not a line. A scientist can give you the best circle in the universe, but cannot surpass its limitations. The only way for a scientist to give you a line is to add something to the circle that would bend it. The reason of this if the scientist would really have to make that line. Now, why would a scientist do this if there were no such thing as life without darkness? 

The last essential need is love. Everyone needs to love and everyone needs to be loved. This is the subject that atheists hate speaking about. If this world is truly "survival of the fittest," why do people love? Love means self-sacrifice. This truly crushes Darwin's theory. The limitation to love is hate. You cannot find one person who has never hated before. There is no person in the world that would not want to be loved. Since a person wants to be loved, he needs to love as well. This is something that a person will definitely desire. He knows that it is something that can "overcome" and nothing can "stop" it. The only bad point to it is that one may abuse it. One can abuse it with sex. He would want pleasure instead of love and this will cause disunity among the couple.

To have joy and peace, we then have to turn to something that has Truth without error, Life without death, and Love without hatred. We would not desire this if it does not exist. There would not be a fraction if there is no whole. Perfect Truth, Life and Love then therefore is one who IS Truth, Life, and Love. This is the definition of God. It is not something we can deny because if we do, there is no hope in finding the perfect essential needs. To say there is no God is to say there is no such thing as perfect Truth, Life, and Love. And who in the world would want to argue from that point of view?



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