What's Wrong with Same-Sex or 'Gay' Marriage?

What's Wrong with Same-Sex or 'Gay' Marriage?

by Seth Brotherton

For a more extensive debate see Homosexuality and the 'Gay Christian'


In order to answer this question we must ask, "What is the purpose of the sexual organs?" The reason why we must ask this question will be evident later on. Now, the purpose of something can be determined by how it is formed or structured. For instance, by examining the nature of a watch we can determine that the purpose of a watch is to tell the time of day.

Also, something is acting wrongly if it is not acting in accord with the intention of the designer of that object. For instance, if a watch did not tell the time of day, or if one of its wheels moved in the wrong direction (thus, throwing off its whole course), it is acting wrongly.

Indeed, the human body is much more complicated than a watch, so it too must have a designer. And man too must act in accord with the intention of his designer, i.e. God. This brings us to the question "What was God's intention in giving us sexual organs?" Anyone who seriously examines this question must answer "Reproduction." The process of human gestation is so extremely complex, that it cannot be the result of chance, but rather of design. Who could deny that the reproductive organs are designed for reproduction?

Therefore, any sexual act that excludes the possibility of reproduction is not in accord with the intentions of the Supreme Designer, and is an evil act. This includes homosexual acts. Therefore, any sexual relation between people of the same sex is immoral. This obviously includes marriage.

Common Objections

Objection #1

But homosexuals and heterosexuals are equals, so they both should be able to marry who they love.


Yes, homosexuals and heterosexuals are equals, and so they have the same rights. Both of them have the right to marry people of the opposite sex, and neither of them have the right to marry people of the same sex. Just because homosexuals have a 'sexual orientation' of being attracted to people of the same sex, that's not an excuse to act on it.

Objection #2

But homosexuality is natural to man, since even animals, e.g. monkeys, perform homosexual acts.


First of all, even though they do this, they definitely don't do it exclusively. Second of all, if you want to be a monkey, go ahead. But, since we are human beings we should act as human beings, not as monkeys.

Objection #3

But even homosexuals say that they were born that way, therefore it is natural.


First of all, we demonstrated that it is unnatural from reason, which is more trustworthy than human testimony. Second of all, nobody knows anything when they're born. The only thing they know is that they have had this 'orientation' as long as they can remember. No one can be created this way. If they were that would mean that God's all wise providence contradicted itself, which is impossible. On the one hand we would have God creating sexual organs for reproduction, and on the other not for reproduction. Furthermore, if homosexuality is just as natural as heterosexuality, why is it not as common?

Objection #4

But priests and nuns don't accomplish their purposes of reproduction, so are they sinning also?


No, they are not. No one has the obligation of reproducing. The purpose of the sexual organs is reproduction, but the purpose of reproduction is the survival of the species (this is why it is a natural appetite). Since, it is not necessary for everyone to reproduce in order to preserve the species, we don't have an obligation to reproduce. However, if someone were to have sex they cannot intentionally exclude the possibility of reproduction (NFP is not included since the impossibility of reproduction is not intended, but only temporarily permitted).

Seth Brotherton

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For a more extensive debate see Homosexuality and the 'Gay Christian'

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