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My friend asked me "Why do we have to live a religious life when we can enjoy life?" A scientist asked me, "Why would God let man have free will and let them do evil?" These two questions are questions worth answering. Note that they did not ask if God exists, but why God made man like he is. The majority of people are searching for meaning in life. One may say it is reasonable to enjoy life instead of following rules. When one examines why a person would ask that question, one will find out that the person is searching for three things: Life, Truth, and Love.

When a person asks, "Why can't we enjoy life?", we have to test what he is actually wanting. We have to ask him these questions, "What do you specifically do in life?" Basically, he will answer that he wants to get what Fulton Sheen called "kicks." A person who speeds up while driving isn't speeding because he wants to get to the location faster, but because of the thrill of it. The thrill of something will be called "kicks."

You will find in these days that people want to be loved. They will try their hardest to fit in. You will also find relationships that aren't even to be considered a relationship. Relationships are mostly based on the experience of love, instead of love itself. First, when a girl meets a man, the first thing she would say are, "he is so cute," "he is so nice," "he is so sweet," "he is so charming," "he is the best person anyone can have." The problem with this is that when the man does not meet one of those characteristics, the girl would be surprised and would "hate" the man now. She will not find the "kick" that she wanted. A man however, would want to have pleasure, until he matures.

So when a person "enjoys life," he is basically wanting pleasure. But how long does this pleasure last? One will find out that these kicks will fade out eventually. When a person tries out a drug, he will want something better when time goes by. The problem however, is that when the person reaches the best drug, he will still want more, but will not have it. Thus, he will become depressed. It is natural to do these things because we basically want to be loved and experience love. The problem however, is that we don't know how to be reached for true love. As I said many times, we would not want love if true Love did not exist. So when a person tries to "enjoy life" we basically have to know how he will enjoy life. One will find out that when a person tries to get "kicks" he will never actually have a happy life.

Now, a person uses this argument to say that God allows people to be depressed, therefore God is evil. As I have said before, God made man with free will. Also, God allows this so that there will be a better outcome, a greater good. One example is a father who lets his son go through a painful surgery in order for the son to get better.

The only way out of this is to trust on God. When you trust on Him, it means you are sacrificing yourself to Him. It means that nothing in the world matters except what God wants you to do. You will not find any barrier, but God and your neighbor. Everyone needs to find the meaning of life, which is to be with God. When one finds it, he will look into the world not with the question "why" but "how." How can I glorify God more? It is a gift that a person has this freedom. When we do this, we will have so much love that we will turn the other cheek, cry when the dignity of man is denied. And we will have so much love that we would be like the Love who had so much love (John 3:16; 15:13) that nails were pinned to His hands and feet. That is true love; that is true joy for which we are all searching.

Our cross should not be plastic that is filled with "kicks" but a cross that is wood filled with the Sacred Heart.

God love you


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