Five Questions for James from A

Five Questions for James from A

(1) You said, "As for the impossible co-existence of evolution and the Christian god, of course I concede that anything is possible." It seems to me that you have contradicted yourself here. You have claimed that evolution and God is impossible. Yet, here you say that "anything is possible." You have been arguing that evolution negates the existence of God. However, you have not shown that the co-existence of evolution and God is impossible. My question is, how do you resolve the contradiction above and what is your proof on the impossibility of the co-existence of God and evolution?

(2) If Jesus was not raised from the dead, what natural explanation is there?

(3) You said, "I for one agree with you that if Atheism is correct then I cannot completely trust my cognitive faculties." If that is so, then why should we think that atheism is correct when we cannot trust your cognitive faculties? 

(4) In your "proof" for moral relativism, one of your premises was "If morality is purely objective, then moral argument cannot exist." Since you are arguing in a modal-logic form, you must prove that the premise is necessarily true in order for the conclusion to be sound. What proof is there for this?

(5) If specified complexity isn't a criteria for design, what is your criteria for something which is designed?


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