Five Questions for A from James

Five Questions for A from James

(1) If the Christian God is not necessary in order for humans to exist, is there any good philosophical (not evidential) reason to believe that he would exist?

(2) Why is the Christian God any more valid a higher power than any other Religious Figures, or supernatural beings?

(3) For every grain of sand on earth there are a million stars in the Universe, most with a solar system containing planets. Considering this, why is it that you feel conditions suitable for life to exist (like those on Earth) are so unlikely without some sort of divine intervention?

(4) Do you feel that without a divine being pointing the way for you, that you would be unable to develop a sense of practical morality?

(5) According to Christianity I do not qualify to enter the kingdom of Heaven, neither does Ghandi, and neither does a person who has never learnt the meaning of the word. How does the Christian God justify excluding ordinary good people, great people of a different faith, and even people in the developing world who have never come in contact with Christianity?

James Brown

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