Thoughts on Death

Thoughts on Death

"For the living know that they will die...." (Ecclesiastes 9)

by Michael DeAngelo

Death is a very mysterious thing. When you've had someone that you loved recently pass, it makes you ponder not only the remorse you feel for the loved one but death itself and what it truly means. I've noticed that some can discuss death very openly, and very candidly. And others you can tell feel very uncomfortable talking about it, they will try to change the subject to some lighter matter, perhaps what they're going to eat or where they're going to go. I think you'll find the people who are willing to discuss death with you are people who have thought about death quite a lot.

"For the living know that they will die...." (Ecclesiastes 9)I think we should all realize that we all will die someday. When I say realize I mean to the extent that death is just as real to you as talking, walking or hearing. Why is this important? Because we must realize this world is a veil, that behind the curtain of this world, lies our true world, our true reality in which we will spend eternity. And that death is the instrument that brings us into our new world. All the things that seem so important now, won't be important in the next life.

Really consider what is important and what is simply a waste of your time. Death brings us a perspective on life, it shows us what is vital and what is worthless.

I think a lot of people are scared of death because they are scared of the unknown. But if we have faith we know a lot more about death than we think. First we know the Lord overcame death (1 Corinthians 15), and that if we have faith in Him we shall too. If we believe, we know we have heaven and an eternity with God. Also think about all the reports of Near-Death Experiences so many have described. Many have told about their wonderful experiences.

The point is that one day you will die, and I will die, the veil of this world will be lifted. You decide right now what you want your life to be about; you either choose God or you don't; you either choose helping the hungry, the naked, the thirsty, the imprisoned, the sick or you don't (Matthew 25). But remember death can sneak up on us all, and we must be prepared to face death in Christ.

Loved ones will die, we will grow old, and no one here is going to get out alive. Therefore let us rest our hope in God, in the new heaven and new earth, and let us live with purpose, truth, and love in this life.

If we have faith, death shouldn't scare us but we should be able to smile at death as it will be the ship that brings us to the embrace of GOD.

Michael DeAngelo

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