The Philosophical Weakness of the "Pro-Choice" Movement

The Philosophical Weakness of the "Pro-Choice" Movement

by Vincent Arong

"The right to choose!"

I guess the next question to ask is: "the choice to do what?" "Pro-choice" as a slogan doesn't stand on itself; it presupposes an object to be chosen. When it is revealed that the term really implies the freedom to choose an abortion, then it really has no conceptual difference with the term "Pro-abortion."

Furthermore, the term "Pro-choice" is really limited in scope, for if the choice is to abort, then the child that is aborted is denied the freedom of being "Pro-choice" as an adult. The only way for the term "Pro-choice" to be universally valid is to give the unborn child the same freedom to be "Pro-choice." This means that the child must be granted the opportunity to live, which is really no different from the concept of "Pro-Life."

Moreover, the term "Pro-choice" is really a misnomer, because it assumes that choices have no qualitative difference. In other words, "Pro-choice" implies that the choice to abort or the choice to spare a child's life are no different--- neither choice is good or evil; it's just one's "personal decision," after all.

However, the concept shoots itself in the foot, because choice implies knowing that one option is different from another in terms of quality -- "If an option is better than another, I choose it; if an option is worse than another, I do not choose it." Choice is not a random event, but a rational movement, which is based on knowing that one option is better to do than another. The adherents of "Pro-choice" choose (pun intended) to ignore this self-evident fact and demonstrate their logic to be circular in reasoning. The Pro-choice philosophy implodes in your face if you just stare at it long enough.

At root, the philosophical problems inherent in the "Pro-choice" mentality demonstrate the cause to 'intellectual suicide'. Further, since ideas do have consequences, the consequence of the "Pro-choice" philosophy is none other than the physical, moral and spiritual suicide of an entire culture, which includes the mothers who consent to the abortion, the children who are aborted, the doctors who conduct the abortion, the rest of us who justify abortion, and finally, those of us who choose to allow abortion to continue by consciously turning a blind eye to the controversy.

The silver lining of this whole thing is that when the dust settles, the only real survivors will be those families that are Pro-life. In effect, the Pro-lifers will out-baby the Pro-abortionists. Pro-abortion individuals will just depopulate themselves into extinction. This is not necessarily a cause for joy for the Pro-life movement. The Pro-life philosophy entails respecting the sanctity of all human life, including those who hold a Pro-abortion position, and so Pro-lifers will not stop at exposing Pro-abortion for what it is: The Philosophy of Death.

Vincent Arong

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