Encounter with the Demonic

An Encounter with the Demonic

I am sensitive on this issue. Usually I speak about this to no one. But since you are Catholics and I am sure you believe in demonic forces, I thought I'd take a risk and share it with you, if you are interested. I know from what I saw on TV that the Catholic Church needs much proof of demonic presence to actually accept that there are demons involved, so I don't know how you will react to my story. But here it is.

This is totally true, and I would swear that on a stack of Holy Bibles.

This is the true story of what happened to me in July 1995 when I was visited by demonic forces and it changed my life around. There's really no reason that I would make any of this up. I'm a very level headed person and I know that what I saw was real.

The year was 1994. I was age 14. I was going through a rough time in my life during the spring of that year. I'd found myself lying in my bed at the hospital that I was being treated at for my severe depression and my problem with anger. Out of the blue, a thought came into my mind that maybe I had been dealing with demonic forces. The thought seemed to come out of no where and I told my mother about it and she was the only one that didn't believe I was trying to blame my problems on something else.

My mother took me to visit the pastor of the church we attended which was a local Lutheran church. However, I still seemed to have the feeling that I was taunted by demons. I never knew why I felt this way but I assumed that it was because I had a friend who was into Satanism and he'd let me hold his Satanic bible so I thought maybe somehow it had something to do with him, but I was never really sure.

I continued to have problems and I hit my lowest point the previous winter and I was out of school for three months. It was March of 1995 and I finally got back into school, but now I was at a school that had a program that could better deal with students who had depression and other emotional problems. There, I met Nick. I had been very vulnerable at this point in my life because I'd just begun to get over my depression and I was very welcoming to the idea of letting new people enter into my life.

My first impression of Nick was that he was not a Satanist, but a trouble-maker and someone I should steer clear of but I was trying to come into this new relationship with an open mind and trying to live by the rule that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. So that April, Nick and I got together.

I'd continued to have the feelings at times that there were demons around me. One night it seemed especially bad. I told Nick that I felt as if there were demons around me, troubling me. This is what started the unbelievable events that you think you'd never experience and that you only see on TV.

I was sitting in the living room with my mother and Nick. Nick seemed to have a very evil look in his eyes. I didn't know what exactly was going on but I felt better and I didn't feel this evil presence bothering me. However, it was a very strange feeling. It was as if someone was watching us. All of a sudden, his little dog ran to our sliding-glass door and looked outside on our deck and was obviously seeing something that couldn't be seen by my mother and me. I could have dismissed this as a hoax until the dog started barking and viciously growling at whatever was out there. I must admit that I was skeptical at first. Eventually the dog stopped growling and barking at whatever he saw and the night carried on smoothly.

Later, I asked what the heck had happened and Nick explained that since the demons were bothering me that while he was outside walking, he told them to go into him instead. It all was very weird and scary to me and I was glad it was over.

The next day seemed to go by fine, until the evening when it was just about dark outside. Nick was in the family room and I was in the bathroom and I felt the same evil presence taunting me again. I can remember looking in the mirror and just saying quietly, almost under my breath, "Get the f*** away from me!" and then I left the bathroom and I went upstairs to where my mother was.

I'd say it must have been about a minute when then my mother and I heard Nick call us in terror. Again, I was skeptical but we went down anyway and by the time we got down there, Nick was standing up and all of a sudden, the invisible force lifted him up and lashed him against the door, quite forcefully. There was no way anyone could have pulled a prank like that. He literally levitated and was thrown against the door. The look in his eyes was that of complete terror as he saw this force that my mother and I still failed to see, but yet again the dog could see it. The dog didn't seem to bark this time, but he walked over to it and only tried to smell it, to comprehend what it was.

The three of us then said our prayers as we were absolutely terrified. After we prayed, Nick explained that he could in fact see this spirit and he described it as having red glowing eyes but not much of a body. I believe this is when we called his church and we were going to go there for prayer and an exorcism. We then heard my two dogs barking outside in a way that they only did when someone or something was outside that shouldn't be there. Of course at this time, we knew that this demon was outside but we had to face it if we were going to go to the church.

We walked out of the house and we stayed as close to each other as possible. We have a sidewalk in front of the house that leads to the driveway and he got to the end of the sidewalk and in terror, he explained that this demon was inside of the car. He was of course, very reluctant to want to get into the car but for some reason, it got out of the car when we made it known that we weren't giving up and that we still planned on going. Keep in mind, Nick is the only human that has seen it up until this point so he was pretty much guiding us. Apparently the demon rose to the top of the trees that are near our driveway. I watched Nick watch this force.

It's an extremely weird feeling to know that something is there, watching you but you can't see it, even when you are looking directly at it. Nick seemed to be totally mesmorized by this and my mother and I kind of had to forcefully bring him over to the car. The demon was now gone and Nick told us that he wanted to drive us to the church but my mother would not allow it because of what was happening. Nick and I sat in the back seat and my mother drove the car. We live out in the country so it always took quite a while to get to the church. I didn't know what kind of a ride it was going to be but I hoped we'd get there ok.

We drove down the driveway and turned toward town. All of a sudden, the demon reappeared again along the side of the road. I only knew because Nick watched it as we drove by. I then learned that our ride to the church wasn't going to be an easy one because Nick said that we were being followed. (Only after the fact did I learn through Nick that this demon didn't actually run when it was chasing us but it would disappear but then reappear closer to us each time.) We were all frantic. My mother drove as fast as she could go, while being sure to keep the car under control. We had gone through each stop-sign to avoid being caught but finally we came to a T corner and we were forced to stop.

By now we were about 5 miles away from my house and I thought we had surely ditched this demon by now. As soon as we turned the corner, hell started up inside of the car. Nick again turned very evil and you could just tell that the demon was back. I didn't know what to do. It continued for a while. This demon was aware that I knew that it was here, inside of Nick. Then out of nowhere, it said to me through Nick, (and this is an exact quote) "Go ahead Lisa. Hit him. Take your best shot." I knew right away that it was the demon. This voice was totally different than Nick's. I know there are ways to fake your voice but there's no way someone could fake their voice to this extreme. It was higher in pitch than Nick's actual voice and it had a very cocky and sarcastic tone to it. I would possibly compare it to a small, young teenage boy, around the age of 15 or 16. I don't remember if I said anything back but I know I didn't hit him.

Our ride continued and it seemed like it was taking an eternity. I hated riding in the back seat with this monster. Finally we came to a road that was busy but there weren't many cars out since it was getting late at night. Nick brought both of his hands up near his temples and appeared to be pulling on something. I didn't know what was going on so I brought his arms down but he insisted on doing what he was doing so he again brought his hands to his temples and pulled again. It was an extremely weird sight. When his hands got about 1 foot away from his head, he turned his hands toward the window like he was going to throw something out. He appeared to push and push but it simply wouldn't go out the window.

It was right on the edge as if it were holding onto the glass. I could see he was struggling and by this time, I knew what was going on. I put my hands on his and helped him push. It did take some pressure but not much, and it was gone. It was something that I knew I needed to do. I did it without thinking and without any hesitation. Immediately, Nick slumped in the seat and it was like he was just waking up from being asleep. Later I learned that at the time that I moved over to push his hands out the window, he saw the figure of a white light pushing but at the same time, I saw only myself. I believe that this could be the reason it was so easy to push this demon out of the car. It wasn't just me pushing. I believe that I had some help from God Himself.

I then asked him if he was all right and he said that he was and we continued on, but as I recall, Nick didn't say much, if anything at all. I knew that this wasn't over by any means. We got to a railroad crossing and the lights were flashing as for us to stop, but there were no trains in sight and no railroad cars sitting near the crossing to cause the lights to be flashing. I somehow knew that this was part of the game. It was one of those things you just know. I told my mother to go and pay no attention to the flashing lights. So far, this was the only thing that I saw with my own eyes. Of course, I saw what was happening to Nick but I couldn't actually see the demon itself.

We continued on our way to the church. I can remember my mother praying out loud which was something we never did in my family before. Eventually we got to the church and Nick said that we were ok now and that the demons could not come on the church property. For the first time all night long, I actually felt a sense of ease. I remember sitting in there alone with him and he was alert and seemed fine. I remember being in despair. I was at a loss for ideas as to what we were going to do. My mother was in another room with the pastor and another man, telling them what had happened and it seemed like she was never going to come out but that was ok because as long as we were at that church, we were safe. Eventually they came in and they prayed for and with Nick and it seemed to strengthen him.

By the time we left, we all felt more in control of the situation and that we could handle it. We decided we didn't want to go home right away so we went to a nearby Taco Bell to get something to eat. I remember we were sitting at the drive-thru and all of a sudden, the car started to stall and the interior light started to flicker. We hadn't had any problems with the car the entire time we owned it so it was very scary of course. I remember being worried that we would get stranded and that we wouldn't get back to the house but my mother reassured me that we would be all right and we'd make it.

We decided to come home from town a different way than we had gone on our way in. We had gotten about mile away from the corner where which we would turn and go to our house when all of a sudden Nick tells us that they were back! Just when I thought everything was finally going to go back to normal, he says that they were back, only now there were 3 of them. He told us that he could see three sets of red glowing eyes at the corner, just waiting for us to come home. When we got to the corner, I asked Nick if they were still there and he told me no, that they left the corner and that they were back at the house waiting for us.

I'll never forget what that felt like. It was a sense of not being safe anywhere. I remember thinking how I'd always come home to my house where I could be safe from the world but now I couldn't even do that anymore. We decided that we were not going back to the house. We turned right instead of left and we were going to go back to the church. We got down 2 miles and Nick said we needed to go back to the house. He said he did not want to leave Joey (his dog) there. Reluctantly, we turned around and headed back. We drove about mile when we decided to stop and read some prayers from the small booklets that we had gotten at the church. Again, the lights in the car dimmed and flickered as if something didn't want us to be reading those prayers. I must admit that I was scared and I didn't want to go back ever again. I was certain that the only escape would be to sell the house and move far away.

We got back to the house and everything seemed to be fine. There was no sign of any of the demons. Nick said that he knew they were there, but they were hiding. Somehow, we went upstairs to my bedroom. He said that he had to find "the source." He then went to a poster I had hanging up of the Alternative band, Nirvana, whose lead singer, Kurt Cobain committed suicide the previous year. Nick grabbed the top of the poster as to take it down when all of a sudden, he was forcefully pushed away from the wall and onto my bed. In this poster, Kurt was wearing a large pair of sunglasses and apparently the demon was hiding behind this poster, with his eyes hidden behind these sunglasses. I couldn't believe that a harmless poster was actually a hiding place for this evil spirit.

The wall now had red splatter marks where this poster previously hung. Could it have been blood? I could not find any other explanation. We took the remains of that poster outside to where we had a burning barrel and Nick tried to throw it in the barrel to burn in the fire the next day but apparently the force was fighting him and he couldn't get it in. I told him to give it to me and I would throw it in, which was exactly what I did.

We came back into the house and attempted to find anything else that could be considered demonic. It was then that Nick remembered a Nintendo game that he had played that had demon-like creatures in it. We took the game and put it in a shoe box and we went out to the burning barrel to throw this game in there. Nick was carrying the box and my mother and I were walking along just to make sure that everything was all right. When we got to about 2 feet away from the barrel, Nick stopped in silence with the same look of terror on his face as he had when he saw the demons the previous times. There it was again, right in front of him.

My mother and I encouraged him to keep walking and throw it in and he tried but again, couldn't get it in. My mother and I grabbed ahold of the box to try and get it in but only this time, the demon was fighting. It was totally unreal to see the box moving violently back and forth, to try and get it away from us, but yet you could see nothing holding onto it. With effort, we got the box containing the game into the barrel. It took the same amount of strength to get the box into the barrel as it did when I pushed the demon out of the car window. It wasn't much, but it did take some effort. I can't remember if the box remained inside of the barrel or if it was thrown out again but it didn't matter. We'd had enough for one day. Just as long as the box wasn't inside of the house, we didn't care where it was. We decided to go in the house and go to bed. We all slept in the same room and decided that if there were anymore strange events in the night that we would wake each other up.

Remarkably, nothing else happened that night. We woke up the the next morning to find that a large branch had fallen from a tree outside. We all believed that it was sent from God, for us to use to burn the box containing the Nintendo game. That day we spent a lot of time throwing away things that seemed at all demonic.

It was a few days later on the following Sunday. I was listening to Christmas music in the middle of July, because that was really the only Christian music that I had. It was Mariah Carey's Christmas album. I was almost in tears because I had realized that God was definitely real, and that He was taking care of me. All of a sudden, I remember having the thought that I should close my eyes. It wasn't a spoken thought, but more of just a strong thought that I had.

So I did it. When I reopened them, there was a spot on my jeans that looked like water. Then I was told again to close my eyes, and there was another spot. Then I was told again to close my eyes again, and the third spot appeared. Two of them were about the size of a nickel, and the last was a smear. I didn't know what these meant at the time. When I saw my mother, I told her about it and she told me not to worry, that we were going to get this all taken care of. I told her that it wasn't bad, it was a good thing. Then she told me that the three spots had to be the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Of course! I don't know why I hadn't thought about it, but that had to be what it meant. Why else would one be smeared? It had to represent the blood of Jesus!

My dad had been away on a vacation when all this took place. Later I learned from my mother's pastor that demons feel more threatened when there is a man around so that's probably why they decided to come have their fun when he was gone. When my dad arrived home, he didn't believe any of our story. He didn't like Nick so I thought that he must have thought it was some trick Nick was playing on us. I suppose if I was in his shoes, I would have thought the same thing.

A few weeks had gone by and my mother decided to take a vacation. Nick and I decided that we would go along. My dad stayed home and that's when he had his encounter with these demons. When we arrived home, he told my mom and I that when he was laying in bed, he saw a figure hovering in the room with red glowing eyes. He claims to not have been scared and said that he simply rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

He told us that the hall light would keep turning on and that he had to shut it off several times, along with the water turning on in the sink, and that he heard a hammering sound, as if someone was hammering on the side of our shed walking on our front porch. Meanwhile, he continued to lay in the bed and then he heard footsteps walking on our deck. It seemed like a childish attention-seeking game. When these demons got no reaction to the things they did that night, they then started the engine in my dad's truck, while the keys were hanging on the key ring. My dad claims that he eventually went to sleep and by the next morning, they were gone. I didn't witness any of this but I can't see any reason that my dad would make this up after he himself claimed that he didn't believe our story about the demon night that we experienced.

I still continued to throw things away whenever I'd find something that I considered to be demonic in the slightest. I can remember one day when I went out to throw something in the burning barrel. I think it may have been a cassette tape. I remember yelling out loud, something to the effect of, "There! How do you like that?" Then immediately after that, I heard 3 knocking sounds. It seemed like the sound of two hollow trees knocking together 3 times in a row, on a very still mid-afternoon. Immediately I took note of there being 3 sounds and I knew that it represented our 3 guests that we'd had. I wasn't at all scared.

I felt that I had won a fight and I felt powerful to know that they kept their distance from me and that they could not stop me from throwing these things away. I had a feeling that they might still be around but I was pretty sure that they were just watching instead of playing their games.

Over the years, my memory has faded a little bit, so I probably have left out some of the details. That is all pretty much it, and the conclusion of our demonic experience. Call me crazy if you will, but this really did happen. Regardless if anyone wants to believe it or not, I learned the most valuable lesson of my life, that God is indeed real and that Jesus is His Son and He did die on the cross for us, and when we need Him, He is there for us.

Thank you for reading my story, and I hope and pray that God will work in your lives, if not through this, than in other ways, to let you know that He is real and He is there for you, if you will just accept Him. God bless you all.

Lisa ("Tornado Potato")

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