The most questionable day of my life

The most questionable day of my life by M. Miller

I found your website accidentally. I was actually trying to find others that might have experienced something close to a situation I encountered. Some of the stories I have read seem so different from what I experienced but who is to judge? I like to find sites that are as credible but sometimes that is hard to locate.

I appreciate you having a place to share stories. I have never shared this story publicly. Only close family and friends know. It is incredibly hard to share this publicly in fear of slander but the story I read on your site inspired me. My experience may not have been something to make a movie over, but it changed my life and strengthened my faith tremendously. Below is my experience. I still do not have all the answers needed to move on with my normal life but maybe someone credible will one day come forth with all of my answers. Thank you.....

"The most questionable day of my life"....

I was around 25 yrs old. My husband and I had been married for approx 3 yrs. Times were tough due to an automobile accident I was in a year prior. I had just returned to my job that I was away from for about 6 months. We had lost the wonderful 3 bedroom home we had rented for years due to my missing income. We had finally moved out of a motel and into a small 2 bedroom trailer.

This was never my idea for a home but I was only interested in trying to build up from disaster. Within a few weeks of moving in my husband began to tell me that he was having a hard time sleeping. His descriptions of events seemed really hard to believe but I knew my husband well enough to know that what he was saying was serious. He described not being able to breathe, he said he felt like something was choking him and holding him down. He explained that at first he thought it was me playing a cruel joke on him but as he would finally gain his composure he would see that I was asleep.

At first I dismissed it but it seemed as if almost nightly, this would occur. The concern was built so deeply in his eyes that I decided to do some sleep research. I was so happy the day I received some information on sleep paralysis. I rushed home with the information. I was so happy that I had found the problem. He accepted my information as a diagnosis to his issue. I promised that as soon as his insurance kicked in from his new job, I would make an appointment for him to see the doctor and have some pills prescribed as the information I collected entailed.

The Burned Hole

This seemed to work for me at the time until I came home from work one night and smelled smoke. I saw my husband lying on the couch sleeping as I announced this and he jumped up following me down the hall to the spare bedroom. I opened the door to find small debris of paper and plastic that had been burned. It seems as if the fire was just putting itself out when we arrived. I looked at my husband's half awaken shock and started asking 20 questions.

I examined the 9' circular hole that was eaten through the carpet and into the wood beneath it. I searched for nearly a week trying to find the source to the fire and never found one. Every time I entered the room I felt uneasy. I no longer wanted to go in there. The fire was in the middle of the floor, nowhere near an electric outlet, there were definitely no accelerants or reason for the fire.

I did all of the math in my head. There was absolutely no way that the contents within the pile burned could have burned that hot or that fast. I remembered the look on my husband's face. I know that he was sleeping sound when I walked through the door. You cannot just fake how people's eyes look when they wake up. There was nothing about this fire that added up.

Reading the Bible

Weeks went by and my husband was still not getting any sleep. This troubled me because my gut instincts were telling me something was wrong despite my logical brain. Of course back then my logical side always won.

My husband would wake me up in the middle of the night and have me read him the Holy Bible. This went on for quite a while. Soon, he started to have me read before we went to bed and pray together.

I knew he believed in God. So did I but never had we gone to church together, prayed or read the Bible together! This was always something we did independently. We hardly ever spoke of it. Night after night I started to become a little annoyed at waking up at whatever hour of the morning reading the Bible. I know that sounds really bad but I was tired and this was happening almost on a nightly basis.

The only things that made me keep doing it was of course I would feel horrible if I didn't read. The look of terror filled his face and I could only think of how fast I could make him this appointment.

a dark figureThe Dark Figure

One day all that changed. I came home from work one day, tired from a double shift. My husband was waiting on me to get home so he could get the car to go to the Dollar General. He asked if I wanted to go but I said no as I took off my shoes and lay down on the love seat. I heard the engine start, I heard him leave the driveway. I closed my eyes to relax. They were probably closed for about 2 minutes before I heard the scariest noise I had ever heard.

As soon as I heard the noise I somehow knew exactly what this was. The sounds of heavy steps emerged from the spare room coming down the hallway. (I can still hear those steps crystal clear 5 years later as I write this to you.) I froze with terror as the footsteps approached. My face was already turned in direction of the steps; this was only because it was the original way I had faced when I closed my eyes.

I immediately started praying. I remember screaming in my mind for protection and screaming for God.

I remember screaming at God saying 'God I need you now!' It didn't take long before I felt this magnificent shield or force field of pearl colored light of some kind come over and surround my body. Please understand that the next things I am able to recall are going on the same time I am praying. It is difficult for someone to write about 2 things going on at the same time.

I could not open my eyes but somehow I could see him like there were no eyelids on my eyes. This figure was as black as night. I could feel the evil that enveloped the room. He could not have been 15 feet away from me. He stopped at the edge of the hall before the entrance of my living room where I was.

I continued watching his every movement with closed eyes. (At this point the pearl essence shield was not surrounding my body but I could translate the thoughts that were coming from him. Nothing had ever happened to me like this.) I sensed that I had surprised him, like he thought I had left the house. I saw him slightly cock his head as if he was thinking about approaching me. (When his thoughts hit me I began screaming in silent prayer within my head for God to intervene!)

Out of the Body

This is when I had my second mysterious experience. I started to view the whole room from outside my body. Like as if through someone else's eyes.

I suddenly had two views of the room. One view was the view from my closed eyes. The other view was as if I was at the end of my feet viewing the whole scene. I could see the black figure and could even see contours of his most frightening face. I don't really remember the face that well now, I thank God, but I can remember my thoughts as I saw this creature's face. I say the word "creature" because that is exactly what I saw. This was something that nothing I had ever seen could compare to.

a silver shield crossAt this point I saw the pearl essence bubble, force field, or shield. It is so hard to explain but it was sort of see-through pearl with all of the beautiful colors like sprinkled dust. (I only recall seeing this from the back view or by my feet, not the eye view.) When I saw the shield I acknowledged this to be a good thing, like the protection from God I so desperately pleaded for out of silent screams.

My attention did not waver long from the dark figure. At the time I looked back (I don't recall having the sight from my closed eyelids anymore, only the sight from the one by my feet.) I watched the dark figure look at my body on the couch and turned back down the hall. (Through the view from my feet I could not hear or interpret any of the dark figures' thoughts. Only through my closed eyes could I somehow "hear" thought formations.)

At the same time the figure turned away to walk down the hall, I lost sight from my foot area. I could physically hear the heavy footsteps moving back down the hall where he came. As soon as everything was silent I ran out the door. I waited for my husband to return at the end of the driveway. I would not go back to the house for some time. My husband and I stayed with friends until we could rent another place.

I know in my heart that every word of this is real and honest. I have mounds of questions regarding the different views and understood thoughts. I know what the pearl shield was. That doesn't question me at all.

Thank you.

M. Miller < MM4UALL@LIVE.COM >

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