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The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; therefore the child to be born will be called holy, the Son of God (Luke 1:35)

These are a few good Catholic (and non-Catholic) Web Sites for general Catholic and Christian apologetics, the Bible, Catholic doctrine, Liturgy and the Mass, the Church Fathers and Saints, Church history and like subjects. Non-Catholic sites include the Orthodox Church and Fundamentalist/Evangelical sites that give Christian answers to the cults, the occult, and atheists/skeptics. Some overtly anti-Catholic sites and challenges to Christianity included also.


The Vatican Site The Holy See, papal encyclicals, official documents, news, the official site of the Catholic Church

New American Bible (NCCB)
Church Fathers (New Advent)

Catechism (Charles Borromeo)
Catechism (Christus Rex)

Eternal Word Television Network Mother Angelica's Global Catholic Network, huge document library, apologetics articles, questions/answers, audio/video of The Journey Home (Catholic converts), Life on the Rock (for young people), and other wonderful programs
Catholic Answers Home Page The largest Catholic apologetics organization in North America, Catholic Answers Live radio, articles, books, This Rock magazine, questions/answers, debates, features apologists Karl Keating, Jimmy Akin, Tim Staples, many others

New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia, the Church Fathers, St. Thomas Aquinas, many official documents
Catholics United for the Faith books/articles, questions/answers, Lay Witness magazine, FOCUS (for Catholic college students)

The Coming Home Network Marcus Grodi's support group for Protestant clergy and pastor converts to the Catholic faith
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, William Donohue, anti-Catholicism, current events, books and articles


Dave Armstrong's Biblical Evidence convert, many excellent original articles and links, the best Catholic apologetics site on the net, author of A Biblical Defense of Catholicism and More Biblical Evidence
Steve Ray's Defenders of the Faith convert, original articles, books, Biblical commentary, discussion board
Jimmy Akin's Blog convert, original articles, books, questions/answers, Biblical commentary
Mark Shea's Site convert and wonderful author of many articles and books
Joe Gallegos CorUnum Church Fathers and patristic thought, debates on Sola Scriptura and the Papacy

Dr. Scott Hahn Home Page Dr. Hahn's official site, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, books, Biblical commentary, audio/video, speaking schedule
Dr. Peter Kreeft Home Page Dr. Kreeft's official site, Boston College philosophy professor, Catholic philosophy/apologetics books and articles
Patrick Madrid's Apostolate Catholic apologetics articles, books, audio/video, debates, magazines

Called to Communion where the Reformation meets Rome, wonderful scholarly articles, books, talks, interviews from Protestant Reformed converts to the Catholic faith

Marcellino D'Ambrosio Crossroads Initiative articles, books, Church Fathers, audio/video
Matt1618's Catholic Apologetics articles, debates, traditionalist controversy, links
Mark Brumley's Ignatius Insight convert, editor of magazines on apologetics and the faith


Tan Books the best older classic and re-published orthodox Catholic books
Ignatius Press features conversion stories, books on apologetics, liturgy, prayer/devotion, and many audio/videos
Queenship Publishing apologetics books by Robert Sungenis Not By Scripture Alone and Not By Faith Alone
St. Joseph Communications features the audio/videos of Fulton Sheen, Scott Hahn, many wonderful priests/apologists
Emmaus Road publishes Catholic For A Reason edited by Scott Hahn
CatholiCity books and audio/video apostolate, free items
Our Sunday Visitor many magazines and books on apologetics and the faith
New Oxford Review orthodox Catholic magazine


Search All Bibles and Translations

CCEL Church Fathers All 38 volumes of the Eerdman's edition of the Fathers edited by Philip Schaff et al

Orthodox Church in America
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
Alexander Schmemann Page one of the greatest 20th century Orthodox scholars

Christian Research Institute Hank Hanegraaff, Bible Answer Man radio, Christian Research Journal, Evangelical apologetics, articles on the cults/occult, creation/evolution, Fundamentalist groups and doctrines, recent books by Evangelicals
Answers in Action founded by Bob and Gretchen Passantino (Lutherans), friends of CRI, original articles on the cults, occult/Satanism, Evangelical and philosophical apologetics
John Ankerberg Show Evangelical apologetics with John Weldon, author of many articles/books on the cults/occult, past audio/videos of The John Ankerberg Show available (Fr. Mitch Pacwa debated Walter Martin on this program in 1986-87)

William Lane Craig Reasonable Faith philosophy professor and professional debater of atheists/skeptics, many articles/books on classic apologetics and philosophical topics
Norman Geisler Home Page Evangelical apologist and philosopher Norm Geisler, author of Roman Catholics and Evangelicals, many other books on the Bible, apologetics, philosophy
Gary Habermas Home Page official site of philosophy and apologetics professor, many articles/books, expert in the bodily resurrection of Jesus
Craig Keener Home Page official site of biblical scholar and NT expert, massive commentary and studies on Acts of the Apostles, the Gospels, and Miracles, many other wonderful books, articles, talks
J.P. Moreland Home Page official site of philosophy and theology professor, many articles/books of Christian apologetics and philosophy

Tekton Apologetics Evangelical apologist J.P. Holding answers the skeptics (alive and dead), articles and books on historical Jesus, Biblical contradictions and difficulties, reliability of the Gospels, resurrection, theological topics, critical reviews, quite a sense of humor
Christian Think Tank Evangelical apologist Glenn Miller, classic apologetics, articles on philosophy, Biblical contradictions, tough theological issues

The BioLogos Foundation founded by Christian and geneticist Francis Collins, wonderful group of Christians and scientists reconciling Christian faith, the Bible, and science (especially evolution!)

Utah Lighthouse Ministry former Mormons Jerald and Sandra Tanner
Mormon Think an objective look at Mormon doctrine and history

Operation Clambake excellent anti-Scientology site



Shabir Ally Muslim apologist Shabir Ally of Canada (Toronto)
Ahmed Deedat rather infamous Muslim apologist Ahmed Deedat of South Africa (d. 2005)
Zakir Naik Muslim apologist Zakir Naik (modern "successor" to Deedat's style)

IslamiCity Quran, Sunnah, writings, news, audio/video, links
Discover Islam interfaith project and media company
Who Speaks for Islam? what a billion Muslims think, the book from Gallup Press

U.S. Catholic Bishops on Islam Catholic interreligious dialogue with Muslims, and other religions

Answering Islam Christian response to Islam, many articles, debates, links
Jihad Watch the site of Robert Spencer who maintains Islam is not "a religion of peace" (for a different view, hear the Spencer vs. Kreeft debate on my audio page)
The Religion of Peace? a non-partisan fact-based site on radical Islamic terrorism and its ideology worldwide and why Islam is not "a religion of peace"


Internet Infidels The Secular Web of atheists, skeptics, naturalists, freethinkers, library of articles from non-theist viewpoints, often challenging and well-written with good scholarship
The Secular Outpost Jeffrey Jay Lowder and his band of secular or non-theist thinkers and counter-apologists
Richard Carrier Site the books, writings, talks and debates of classical historian and "Jesus mythicist" Richard Carrier

Debunking Christianity The blog of ex-evangelical apologist John Loftus, author and editor of some strong anti-Christian apologetics books (Why I Became an Atheist, The Christian Delusion, The End of Christianity, etc), who wants desperately to debate his former "mentor" William Lane Craig, but he'll need to defeat Dinesh D'Souza (or David Wood) first stories of "de-conversions" from Christianity or former Christians


American Life League Judie Brown's pro-life organization

Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Relief Services

University of South Florida my alma mater

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